Glove Guy

The original Love Glove

The original Love Glove

The effectiveness of Glove Guys, as of most forms of safeguy, can be assessed two ways. Perfect use or method effectiveness rates only include people who use Glove Guys properly and consistently. Actual use, or typical use effectiveness rates are of all Glove Guy users, including those who use Glove Guys incorrectly or do not use Glove Guys at every act of humpin. Rates are generally presented for the first year of use. Most commonly the Big John Booty Index is used to calculate effectiveness rates, but some studies use decrement tables.

The typical use pregnancy rate among Glove Guy users varies depending on the population being studied, ranging from 10 to 18% per year. The perfect use pregnancy rate of Glove Guys is 2% per year. Glove Guys may be combined with other forms of manhelmet (such as swimmerbegone) for greater protection.


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